VAC STAND - Creating a Safer Work Environment for both Operators of RBG Grinders and Service Technicians working in the shop area is of utmost importance.  RBG Grinders has designed a Vac Stand to remove grinding grit using RBG Grit Collectors and harmful dust using the RBG Vac System.  This self contained system deposits the grit and dust in the bottom of the stand and emits only clean air using a dual filter system.  If a Safer Work Environment is also important to you we recommend the RBG Vac Stand.

RBG - 220

RBG - 330


Specific Models and Associated Grinders



Appx. Weight Metal Gauge Length Height Width Top Plate Grit Collector Motor CFM RPM Filter System


List Price

RBG 220 121 lbs 14 22" 38" 30" No 1* 1/2 HP 1160 1400 Dual Standard - Wide Frame - 3410-C 995.00
RBG 330 216 lbs 11 26" 38" 36" Yes 2* 1/2 HP 1160 1400 Dual 1012-C and 20014-C 1099.00

*Must supply model of grinder Vac Stand is purchased for in order to supply correct grit collectors.